Radical Remission Project

Dr. Kelly Turner began researching radical remissions as part of her PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. After discovering many cases of cancer remissions reported in medical journals that nobody was looking into, she realised two groups were typically missing from the articles: stories from the survivors themselves, and their healers.
During her research, she travelled the world to interview survivors and found they made significant changes in order to heal.
Dr Kelly Turner Radical Remission Project

Dr Turner has now analysed over 1,500 cases of Radical Remission and The findings of her research on the 10 common healing factors are summarised in her New York Times and Amazon bestsellers: Radical Remission and Radical Hope.

In her books, she brings each factor to life with stories of people that embraced their healing journey and survived against the odds. Each made positive shifts in mind, body, and spiritual health.
Below we share Dr. Turner’s story detailing her personal journey.

Dr. Kelly Turner’s Story

A Personal Journey

“I lost a very close friend of mine when we were both 16, and that’s why after I graduated from Harvard University I went back and got my Masters in Counselling from UC Berkeley, because I wanted to help cancer patients. 
So I was counselling cancer patients, and life was great, and then I came across one of these cases of radical remission. Anyone that is really beating the odds, statistically, are considered a radical remission.
I came across one of those cases and everything just stopped for me, and I said how do I not know this mans name. How come we all don’t know? This man found a cure for his cancer. How come I haven’t heard about him, and that night I went home and I found on Pubmed that there were over 1000 of these radical remission cases published in medical journals and no one was looking at them? So I said we can’t just keep ignoring these cases, even if we can’t explain why these people got well, as researchers and scientists, that doesn’t mean we can ignore them. I went back and did my PhD at UC Berkeley and said I want to study these 1,000 cases that no one else is studying. I began studying radical remission survivors for 15-years…”

7 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Radical Remission?

A radical remission is a statistically unlikely remission. This can include a remission without conventional medicine; a remission with conventional medicine, but that conventional medicine doesn’t work, so they choose other options; or it could mean someone that overcame a very dire prognosis combining both conventional and alternative methods together, and dire meaning anything with a less than 25% 5-year survival rate. Therefore, anyone that beats the odds, statistically, are a radical remission.

What are the 10 Healing Factors?

The 10 common healing factors researched include: Increasing Positive Emotions; Spiritual Connection; Strong Reasons for Living; Social Support; Empowerment; Intuition; Releasing Suppressed Emotions; Nutrition; Exercise; Herbs and Supplements.

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