Welcome. Let us help you on your healing journey.

We’ve been through this journey personally and understand what it feels like. It’s hard to know what to do, especially when information can be conflicting and overwhelming.

Our paradigm on what cancer and other diseases means for all of us has changed over time. What once seemed a journey of fear and uncertainty has become an opportunity to help us adapt, grow, and thrive.

There is always hope.

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Tony Bland is a Certified Radical Remission Health Coach & Workshop Instructor, Speaker and Writer, Therapeutic Optometrist, and Research Scientist.

Over a 25 year career as an optometrist, Tony helped over 50,000 patients in his family practice. “We took the time in getting to know people, to help them make the most of their vision to meet their lifestyle needs”.

Seeing so many people one on one, he developed an interest in how people adapt to whatever health challenge came their way. As well as lifestyle influences, this sparked an interest in positive psychology, and how the mind body connection influences health.

Today, Tony is following his passion to help people navigate their healing journey by offering coaching and workshops to adapt, grow, and thrive together.

my story


If you have Cancer, Heart Disease, or diabetes, you’re not alone. They affect each of us at some stage in our lifetime.

Twenty years ago, my father-in-law Stan was told: ‘you have cancer, it has spread, there’s nothing we can do’. It was devastating. We felt helpless.

My own father had major heart issues, and I was concerned, knowing the family history.

Over 25 years as an optometrist, I experienced patients overcoming the odds, so I was curious why some people could adapt, and spent time to learn more. 

Before Optometry, I’d done a Master’s in Science and worked as a research scientist in pharmacology doing cancer research, and biochemistry. So I had a good understanding of biological processes.

But how our mind influences health interested me.

Along with my wife, the more we learned, the more lifestyle changes we made. We became certified in nutrition and coached workshops with a local cancer trust.

Questions about the mind-body connection remained unresolved until a friend introduced us to the work of Dr Kelly Turner and the Radical Remission Project. In her 15 years of research, Dr. Turner researched over 1500 cases of radical remission from cancer. She identified the 10 most common factors applied by survivors on their healing journey, and 7 of these were mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Her research shows there is hope for cancer and other diseases.

So our mission today is to restore hope by helping you to apply the 10 healing factors in a supportive community.

Wherever you are on your healing path, we’re here to help you on this journey together.

Our Wellness Philosophy
for building healthy resilience…



Our ability to cope and adapt determines how we grow and thrive. Wainui Wellness establishes how you are coping and empowers you to better deal with the challenges you’re facing.



Our workshops and coaching are an amazing collaborative process. Together we learn. Together we grow. We learn as much from you as we can so that together we understand, trust, and know what truly matters. We establish a way forward together.



We want you to thrive, to be resilient and self-navigate your healing journey. By setting achievable goals that meet your physical, social and spiritual needs and sets you on a healing path from surviving to thriving.

About Wainui

Wainui is a district just out of Ohope and Whakatane that borders Ohiwa Harbour in the sunny Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. A small but vibrant community we call home.

Wainui Wellness Workshops and Retreats take place at Wainui Seaside, a seaside paradise only minutes away from Ohope Beach and Whakatane. Centrally located in the Bay of Plenty, with an airport close by with incoming flights from Auckland daily with our local airline, Chatham Airlines.


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Our Mission..

Restore hope through education, and empower you to adapt, grow, and thrive through positive coaching and community, wherever you are on your healing journey.